How-To Get Inducted

Every year dozens of students from the Grand Arts Thespians, get inducted into the International Thespian Society. Below are the steps to follow to help you become an inducted Thespian! 

Earn Your Points

From ushering to actively participating in community opportunities to attending an artistic performance; you can earn points for being involved in a production, or simply by giving back to the community. In order to get inducted you MUST have 10 thespian points to be eligible. 


Pay Induction Fee

In order to get inducted, you must pay the $20.00 induction fee which gets you a membership card, certificate, and a year subscription of the Thespian magazine, Dramatics

Pay Yearly Dues

At the beginning of the year, students pay a nominal dues fee which continue to help the Grand Arts Thespians fund and produce events. Yearly dues are paid yearly while apart of the Grand Arts Thespians. Yearly dues are $10.00.